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60 pictures about autism

Share 60 pictures that sum up autism for you. Create an album, and ask friends to contribute a quote or image, along with a small donation.

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60 minute skill-share

Use video-calls to share your skills in return for donations. If you're a yoga expert, share your best moves, or if you excel at Excel spreadsheets, why not pass on some tips? 

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60 affirmations

Write and share 60 affirmations - little sayings that remind you how much value and love you bring to others. Ask family and friends for ideas and donations.

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60-line poem

Write a 60-line poem about autism. Share with friends and family, along with a JustGiving link.

60 minutes in nature

Spend 60 minutes in nature and plant some seeds. Run a gardening competition and ask your green-fingered friends to donate and compete.

60 hour phone detox

Could you go a whole 60 hours without your phone?

Challenge yourself and ask for sponsorship to do it!