We hear from some of our Team Autism 2019 trekkers, as they prepare to take on the Snowdon Challenge this August and help transform the lives of autistic people.

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I'm feeling really excited and nervous. Snowdon is going to be my biggest walk to date and I recently started my training for it at my local gym. I've had a huge response from colleagues and friends who are all behind me every step of the way.

I'm fundraising as my way of giving something back. The National Autistic Society has been a godsend to me, and I know and can see what a lifeline it is to parents and carers of autistic people.

I am proudly autistic and I can share my experiences with the wider world. My hope is to help others on the spectrum, especially those who struggle to be heard.



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I am the grandmother of Tyler, an almost 12 year old who was diagnosed about a year ago. He has been home schooled by my daughter for over 18 months now after finding school increasingly difficult. It took about 3 years of battling to get his diagnosis. I help my daughter by having Tyler for a day every week and since he started home school, he has changed dramatically and has gone from a very nervous, school phobic kid to a much more confident and happy boy. I absolutely adore my Tuesdays with him and he has taught me so much about what being on the spectrum means for him. He has a great deal of understanding of himself now- my daughter is an amazingly patient mother and they discuss his experience and condition deeply. I am doing this trek to support him and all the other wonderful kids like him. I know my contribution will be but a tiny drop in the ocean but it is something.


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Autism is something that impacts us as a family and we understand how there isn’t much help or awareness out there. The National Autistic Society has been a huge help with being able to meet with a family liaison officer from the charity. I also have found a huge amount of information on the website when we have needed it and want to give something back for the help I received.

When it came to fundraising the £250 target, to be honest I was incredibly cheeky and tagged family and friends in my posts on Facebook. I emailed and WhatsApp everyone monthly as well. I still waiting for a few more donations but it’s going really well so far and have already exceeded the target.

I am feeling a mixture of excited and a little nervous. I have tackled some of the peaks in South Wales with the children to help get me moving. I am looking forward to the beautiful views and I’m excited to be part of a fun charity fundraising event!

Sarah and Gemma

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We work in a secondary school, which last year became the first school in Cornwall awarded an Autism and Social Communication Friendly School status.

The reason we are taking part in the Snowdon trek this year is that we work with students with Special Educational Needs. We have 20 autistic students that we support. We are passionate about autistic students achieving in mainstream settings.

During World Autism Awareness Week we fundraised in a variety of ways. We ran assemblies each day to raise awareness and tolerance in our school for students on the spectrum. At the end of the week we had a non-uniform day and each student made a pledge to help create a society that works for autistic people.

Our training has consisted of walking the beautiful Cornish coastline. Most recently, we completed the Cornish Coast to Coast Challenge walking 22 miles from the North coast to the South coast and back in a day. We are looking forward to the Snowdon trek and meeting you all!

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