Student Fundraising

The National Autistic Society set up their student fundraising programme in 2017.

Rachael and CallumIn our first year, we partnered with a number of universities on events ranging from the New York Marathon to skydives. After a successful first year, the team has expanded, and your fundraisers Calum and Rachael (left) have over 10 years of student fundraising experience between them. The growing programme is now looking to work with even more partners. 

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Street collections
Being your charity of the year
Volunteering and opportunities
Setting up a fundraising group
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Street collections

What are they

Street collections are a great way to raise money and you’ll be surprised by just how generous the public can be. Whether it be on a busy street, train station or shopping centre, they’re a great way to raise anywhere from £50 to over £200 in a day. 

Want to organise a collection?

The team organise lots of street collections throughout the year across the UK, so make sure to get in touch if you want to find out exactly where. If they haven’t got one local to you booked already, then the team can also apply for one local to you on your behalf or support you in booking your own.

Top tips

  • Fancy dress is a must! Whether it be a full costume or a onesie, making a fool of yourself is the best way to make sure you get noticed. 
  • Pick your spot – it can be tempting to move around if you aren’t getting many donations. Make sure you pick a spot that is naturally busy, where people have to walk by you. You can’t shake your bucket or approach people directly, so making sure you are near them means you won’t be able to be missed.
  • You must have obtained a permit before you collect! It's illegal otherwise. We can apply for these on your behalf and try to get as many collections near you as possible. If you want a collection near to your area, then get in touch with us.
  • Make sure to be positive and polite! People will appreciate hearing how they can make a difference, and your positivity can be infectious and encourage donations.
  • Make sure you know short and snappy facts. You need to get your point across quickly, so here's some key facts about autism for you.
  • Keep an eye on news and updates from the charity. If you can use something that’s recently been in the public’s attention, you can boost donations!
  • If you are collecting in a smaller town or local area – most have hospices and smaller charity shops – then let people know what’s happening on their own door step. The public love donating if they know it's making a direct impact to their surrounding area.

Being your charity of the year

We love to partner with new universities, and being a Charity of the Year is an amazing opportunity for us. If chosen to be your Charity of the Year we have a whole range of benefits we can offer and help to raise vital funds to create a society that works for autistic people. 

Volunteering and opportunities

  • It’s not only fundraising opportunities we offer, there’s also the chance to volunteer. We run loads of events throughout the year, up and down the country, from the Great North Run to the London Marathon. We are always on the look out for volunteers at these events to help cheer people on and make sure the day runs smoothly. If you are interested, then please get in touch at 0207 903 3529.
  • We also have volunteering at the National Autistic Society, these are a great way to get some experience and an idea of what it is like to work in the charity sector. Keep an eye on our social media and website for more information.  

Setting up a fundraising group

  • If your university doesn’t have a RAG or a student fundraising group already, then we can help! We have a wealth of experience of seeing and helping fundraising groups grow. Get in touch with the team to see how we can help.
  • Become a challenge leader: if you’re interested in one of our overseas marathons or treks, why not consider being a leader? Your role can help promote the trip, recruit fellow students to sign up, and then support them alongside our student fundraising team to complete their fundraising. In return there would be some perks and incentives for you! If interested, please email us.
  • To be a great challenge leader you need to be an enthusiastic, outgoing and proactive person. You need to make sure that you can display your enthusiasm to other people, and show them how amazing this opportunity is and why they should sign up.
  • Being a challenge leader has lots of benefits to you personally. You develop loads of skills along the way, such as, leadership, communication, public speaking and time management skills.

Get in touch

Get in touch with us by emailing, calling us on 0207 903 3529, or you can find us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram