The Big Annual Raffle 2018 closed on 4 December. All winners have now been contacted. 

If you entered or donated towards the Big Annual Raffle 2018, thank you so much. You’re helping to transform the lives of autistic people, such as Arif’s seven-year-old son, Eesaa.

“Eesaa can really struggle sometimes. He used to be quite isolated and non-verbal, but over time we’re seeing improvements which brings us so much joy. 

I first contacted the National Autistic Society in 2016, but I wish I knew about them sooner. My wife and I did so much research into what our rights were when Eesaa got his diagnosis, not knowing that the National Autistic Society was available with support for people like us. However, we do frequently use their website now for information and news.

I have seen the amazing support they provide, and have had the opportunity to meet like-minded people who help us realise that we’re not alone in facing these challenges.

Please check back here in Summer 2019 for news on our Big Annual Raffle 2019. In the meantime, do you want the chance of winning £25,000 every week? Play our weekly lottery!

Thank you.