Play our Big Annual Raffle today for the opportunity to win one of our 33 amazing prizes, and support more autistic people like Kelly’s son, Kenny.

Playing our Big Annual Raffle couldn’t be easier!

Each raffle ticket is just £1 – all you need to do is follow the Play Now link to get started. With every ticket you, or your friends and family play, you are helping to make a difference to autistic people and their families, just like Kelly and Kenny.

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You’ll need to enter by 27 November 2019, and we’ll be picking the lucky winner 3 December 2019 – just in time for Christmas.

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Playing means we can support people like Kelly. She says:

"We always knew that Kenny was different to other children his age. He would find it difficult interacting with other children and making friends, leaving him feeling isolated. He has high anxiety, especially in social or emotional situations, which can be very hard to manage.

By playing the Big Annual Raffle today, you will be helping change the lives of families like mine. You can make a difference today, and be in with a chance to win big!

Thank you so much for your support, because of people like you we can create a world in which people like my son, Kenny, can thrive."

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