Photo of young man in London, next to quote

My name is Kenny. I am on the autistic spectrum and I have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

Growing up has been challenging for me at times as not everyone is aware of what autism is or understands it. Because of this, it makes daily life much harder for me in comparison to my peers, and not many people are able to understand me and the difficulties I face as my brain works differently to everyone else. I have been very lucky to have my family and my teachers at school who are all very supportive and provide me with support even when I do become overwhelmed in certain situations - such as change and emotions which are enhanced by my autism.

I love a challenge. Recently I walked up to the middle of the o2 arena. The start of the climb is the most difficult. It's the steepest at a 30° and climbing this was like walking up a steep hill. The o2 is 52m high and the view of London's skyline is amazing!

I have chosen the National Autistic Society as this charity is important to me since they support individuals and families who are autistic like me. I am abseiling 541 ft down Broadgate Tower, which is one of the tallest structures in London. I am taking part in the Abseil for Autism event to make more people aware of the challenges autistic people like me face every day - so that they are more understanding, better informed, and less judgmental.

I look forward to seeing London's amazing skyline when abseiling down Broadgate Tower in August!


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