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Meet Toni and her 3 year old daughter Peyton, who is autistic and non-verbal. Toni tells us why she decided to take on the Abseil for Autism challenge and help raise money for our charity!


I’m Toni, mother of my beautiful 3 year old daughter Peyton.

She is autistic and is amazing in every way!

She is nonverbal, has high anxiety but gets through every obstacle she comes across like a true warrior.

Unfortunately for Peyton some days are a great struggle and can be very frustrating. Being non-verbal, it takes a lot for her to express her basic wants and needs. As a parent of a child who is autistic I can safely say ‘no two days are ever the same’. What may have been enjoyable and safe yesterday cannot be guaranteed to have the same effect today!

It can be heartbreaking some days, and on other days we are filled with entire joy at celebrating the small milestones that for us as a family, and especially Peyton, are huge.

Before Peyton I never had a true understanding of autism or autistic people. It’s opened me up to a whole new world of information and a level of patience I never knew I had.

I want to raise awareness, open up the umbrella of knowledge to others and celebrate the uniqueness of my daughter and others on the spectrum.

I decided to take part in the Abseil to raise for money for the National Autistic Society as I myself have been provided with courses to support my daughter which have helped us both greatly.

I chose to do the Abseil as I want to show my daughter that any fear or anxiety she has going forward can be beaten if you only face it head on and fight through it...What better way than walking down a giant building!!


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