Planning any sort of event or fundraising activity usually means you will be using physical resources and creating a certain amount of waste. We are trying our best to improve how we do things so join us and read these tips to help you have an eco-friendly experience. Even the smallest improvement is a step in the right direction.

Plan ahead

  • Recycling – make it as easy and accessible as possible to recycle by having enough clearly labelled recycling bins.
  • Go Plastic Free - consider how much single-use plastic is likely to be used at your event from (cutlery, cups, bottles, straws, balloons to name a few). Could these be swapped to glass/metal ones, recyclable alternatives or not used at all. Are they all necessary?
  • Ditch the paper - reduce asking people to print out their ticket. They can show you on their phone the confirmation. Avoid lamination so you can recycle posters, leaflets and paperwork. Consider what you print on and how you print it so you can recycle it all.
  • Venue - build a relationship with your venue and ask questions about their green policies. It gives you an opportunity to tell them about your green goals and see how they can help. They may already have their own recycling agenda or policies on food waste or how they use power in their venue.
  • Food and Beverage - Catering your event? Choose locally produced food and drink to be kinder to the environment and cut transportation emissions. Over-catering is a common practice at many events, resulting in unnecessary waste. If your event has over catered and has a lot of excess food left over – think about donating it rather than binning it. Perhaps your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter.
  • Keep it local - When it comes to sourcing the things you need for your event, try to do so as locally as possible to cut down on transportation, which has the added bonus of supporting the local community. When it comes to food, try to think about what’s in season and easily available – it’s not green to ship in strawberries from South Africa so you can have strawberries and cream in December.
  • Car Sharing – A car sharing scheme will reduce vehicles on the road and CO2 emissions and will also mean sharing the cost in fuel.
  • Incentives for being green- Giving your guests rewards for being part of your green event is a great incentive. For a car sharing scheme, offer priority parking or for those who select an electronic ticket, priority entry could be offered. 

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