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A quick, easy guide to celebration giving

If you are getting married, planning a big bash in celebration of a special day or you want to raise some cash and awareness for your birthday, this is a great way to fundraise!

Before the big day

  • The scale of your celebration will affect how far in advance you should plan.
  • Our attractive pin badges make great favours for any celebration. You can buy them through our web shop or refer to your materials order form. This is a great way to let your guests know this celebration is supporting a charity so close to your heart.
  • Some people like to encourage donations in lieu of gifts, and it's easy to do this by requesting donation envelopes using our materials order form.
  • However you plan to celebrate, be sure to share why it’s important to you. Read up on autism facts - find out more about our work on our website and let people know how their gifts will help.

Consider online giving

  • An online giving page is a great way to ask for donations in lieu of gifts. This also allows guests who can't celebrate with you in person to support the causes you care about.
  • There are many online giving platforms, but for ease of use we recommend JustGiving and/or Facebook fundraising. See our handy how-to guide to online giving.
  • Don’t forget to thank everyone, include photos and share your story as to why you are fundraising.

Promote your celebration

  • Where appropriate use social media to tell people about your celebration.
  • If sending invitations, be sure to let people know there is a charitable side to your celebration.

On the day

  • If there is an opportunity on your special day to mention this celebration giving, it’s a good reminder to all your guests to donate just in case they’ve forgotten, and to acknowledge those who have given generously.

After your celebration

  • Pay in the money you’ve raised. Note that funds raised on JustGiving or through a Facebook fundraiser come straight to the charity and you don’t need to do anything more.
  • Be sure to thank every person for their donation regardless of what they give. If you can do this through a channel with a link to a donation page it could spark extra funds.

Keep it safe and legal

  • If you are using collection tins or buckets at your celebration, be sure they are individually numbered and sealed.
  • Plan how to safely and discreetly transport money after the event and to the bank. Do not transport cash on your own.
  • Have two people present when breaking seals and counting money.

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