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Meet Darren, Debbie and Jack - proud members of Team Autism! Debbie and Darren discuss their son's autism diagnosis and how this inspired Darren to cycle in our Ride London event...


This is Jack. Jack is proud to be autistic.

Jack is 9 and was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum in October 2018. We had a tough battle to get Jack diagnosed, he is high functioning and conforms at school.

So they didn't see any issues. Jack is very sensitive to noise, likes to know what's in store for the day. We have had facial ticks and throat noises to rubbish collection and food photography.

The medical team we dealt with at our local hospital were fantastic and very helpful. They helped get the diagnosis and guided us, as parents, to meetings and literature that will help us understand how to support Jack.

Having an autistic child and meeting others helped me decide on this wonderful cause when we signed up to take part in Ride London.


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