Photo of Ride London cyclist in the spectrum logo next to a quote and bicycle icon

We catch up with Chris Egan, a keen cyclist and participant in Ride London. Chris shares with us his top eight favourite things about taking part in Ride London and cycling with Team Autism!


  1. riding on traffic free roads
  2. the camaraderie with fellow cyclists
  3. seeing fellow National Autistic Society cyclists on the route and giving each other support
  4. cycling in Surrey with amazing views - weather permitting!
  5. getting support from the NAS team at regular intervals on the route - could do with more!!!
  6. riding through towns with large viewing locations is just awesome
  7. doing Ride London with my wife
  8. cycling with thousands of like-minded people


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If you're feeling inspired and would like to cycle with us, visit our Ride London page to find out more about the event and how to get involved.

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