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...and raise money for autistic people all in one sitting! 

Cook up a fantastic brunch menu from our selection of internationally inspired menus. Invite friends, family, neighbours - whoever you want - to enjoy a sociable feast! And raise vital funds to help people on the autism spectrum to be supported, understood and appreciated. 

We couldn’t think of a better way to spend a morning off!

Let's do brunch!

How do I host my own brunch?

If you want to host a brunch to support the National Autistic Society, it really couldn’t be simpler.

We’ve put together a range of menus for you to choose from, as well as suggested donations to ask each of your guests and top tips on how to make your brunch as enjoyable, smooth and successful as possible. 

First thing’s first - tell us you want to put on a brunch by filling out the form below - then we’ll send you all the resources you need to get started right away!

Let's do brunch!

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Paying in your brunch money

There are a number of ways that you can pay in the money you raised from your brunch!

  • If you set up a JustGiving page or other online donation page before your event, we will receive the money directly. Be sure to mention that you are raising money by hosting a brunch on your donation page, so that we can thank you properly!
  • Call our Supporter Care team on 0808 800 1050 to request a paying in slip, which you can use to pay in your funds at any Barclays Bank. Remember to mention that you have raised money by hosting a brunch.
  • Donate over the phone by calling 0808 800 1050
  • Make a cheque payable to ‘The National Autistic Society’ and send it to: The National Autistic Society, 393 City Road, London, EC1V 1NG including your name, address and that you raised money by hosting a brunch.

What will your fundraising help us to do? 

  • Increase public understanding of autism through campaigns like Too Much Information
  • Help us to continue providing our helplines which are a lifeline for autistic people and their families
  • Sustain the amazing work that our branches, schools and services do to support autistic children and adults across the whole of the UK 

We want to make fundraising fun - and what’s more fun than brunch, we hear you ask? 

If you are on the autism spectrum yourself or have a close connection to autism, it’s also a great opportunity to talk about autism and share your experiences with the people you’re closest to.

What are you waiting for!

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