Thank you for your interest in our personal liability insurance. 

Unfortunately, due to a possible change to our current insurance provider, it is uncertain as to whether we can continue to offer discounted personal liability insurance to our members.

We will update you on the situation at the end of September. 


Why might you no longer be able to offer discounted personal liability insurance?

The National Autistic Society’s current agreement with Liberty Mutual Insurance, the current insurance provider, is due to expire. In addition to the personal liability insurance cover, Liberty Mutual Insurance has also provided building and contents insurance cover for our charity’s offices in London.

As such, the National Autistic Society will be meeting with other insurance providers, one of which will be Liberty Mutual Insurance, to find the most appropriate, cost-effective cover for its future needs. As part of the requirements, we have asked that potential providers continue to offer low-cost personal liability insurance cover for our members.

However, there will also be other factors to consider, one of these being the overall cost of insurance cover and ensuring it is affordable for our charity. A new insurance provider may also be unable to cover against personal liability, nor be in a position to offer cover in time for this year’s renewal.
  We certainly hope to be able to continue offering this benefit to our members and will do our best to make this possible. However, we hope you appreciate that other factors in the decision could mean that this will not be able to happen. 

Are there any alternative providers that you can recommend?

Unfortunately, the National Autistic Society is unable to recommend any specific insurance providers. However, we would recommend checking any existing policies you hold, such as your home or contents insurance policies, to see what protection these offer. 

When will you be able to confirm if you can offer the discounted personal liability insurance?

We will provide you with an update regarding the situation by the end of September. We hope to be able to provide you with a definite answer by this point. In the meantime, we would advise that you start looking into alternative cover, in the event that we are unable to renew your insurance policy. 

I’ve set up a Direct Debit to pay for my insurance policy. What should I do about this?

If we are unable to renew your insurance policy this year, our team will make sure to cancel your direct debit instruction. It is also recommended that you cancel this directly with your bank.

I’ve already applied to renew my policy for the next year. What will happen? 

Please be advised that we will not process your insurance renewal until we are certain that we are able to offer this benefit to members going forward. We will advise you on whether we can process your renewal during September.

Still have a question?

If you have another question, please contact our Supporter Care team on 0808 100 8050 or email