James Sinclair 

James describes himself as an ‘outgoing introvert who refuses to see the glass as half empty.’ On his site, Autistic and Unapologetic, James celebrates how diverse the remarkable autistic community is by creating weekly articles which range from breaking down the fundamentals of autism into easy to understand chunks, to discussing the latest books, TV shows and movies featuring autistic characters.

Talking about his involvement with us, James said: “I am an avid advocate for the National Autistic Society and have supported this incredible charity by raising £300 during World Autism Awareness Week by taking part in their Abseil for autism. I have also written articles in collaboration with the charity, such as my reaction blog to their short film, Diverted, which is part of their national campaign Too Much Information.” He also shared some valuable advice on how to deal with stress during Mental Health Awareness Week along with our other content creators.

We’re so pleased to be working with the super talented James. His blog is very well written and talks about a range of different topics. We can’t wait to work with him on future campaigns!

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