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Saskia, 22, is an aspiring actor from Brighton. She was nonverbal until she was 8 years old and found school a huge challenge due to the lack of understanding of her condition and feeling ‘different’. In 2014, Saskia got a place at Rose Bruford college to study European Theatre Studies which was an amazing experience but again, was a challenge due to struggling to manage her autism alongside social and academic pressures. She is passionate about raising awareness of autism and recently landed the job of being the voiceover on CBeebies radio programme, ‘Autism Stories’. 

What Saskia has done

Saskia was the star of our most recent Too Much Information film, Diverted. The film was part of our public awareness campaign which in 2018 focused on how unexpected changes can impact autistic people. Saskia not only starred in the film but was our leading autistic spokesperson for media opportunities throughout World Autism Awareness Week and wrote her own blog for Huffington Post, was interviewed on BBC 5 Live and Radio 4 and her quote alongside the video was featured in over 40 publications.

In the run-up to World Autism Awareness Week, Saskia also attended her local National Autistic Society’s branch event where she gave an inspiring speech to autistic children and their families about staying positive and following your dreams.