Holly and family 

Holly was diagnosed with autism at the age of 7.

Holly is currently in her year 8 at school, her favourite subjects are maths and drama. Holly has come a long way since her diagnosis but still struggles with crowds, loud noises, social interaction and understanding indirect conversation.

Despite the challenges she faces, Holly is nicknamed ‘Jolly Holly’ by her family and is a very supportive older sister to Katie who was also diagnosed with autism at the age of 11.

What Holly has done 

In 2017, Holly was the star of our ‘Make it Stop’ film which was part of our Too Much Information campaign and looked to raise awareness of how processing delay can be difficult for autistic people.

Holly wowed us all at her auditions with her acting ability and she did an incredible job of using her own experiences on set to highlight how autism can affect everyday life.

During World Autism Awareness Week in 2017, Holly used the film to speak out about her autism in front of a whole school assembly and educated people on what they can do in school to make life a bit easier.

In May 2018, the Make it Stop film won Charity Film of the Year, an amazing achievement that wouldn’t have been possible without Holly!