Christopher Goodchild 

Christopher Goodchild is autistic and lives in London. He is a Quaker and is a published author of two books: ‘A painful gift: the journey of a soul with autism’ (2009) and ‘Unclouded by longing: mediations on autism and being present in an overwhelming world’ (2017)

Chris was diagnosed in 2007, after presenting himself to GPs for 20 years and deciding to go private. Without a diagnosis, an understanding of his needs or appropriate support, Chris struggled with depression, anxiety, OCD and Tourette’s. He was hospitalised when he was 15 and later became suicidal when his needs weren’t being met.

Chris describes his diagnosis as a “moment of enlightenment”, adding “it gave me dignity and self-respect and helped me to access the support I’d been seeking for years.”

What Chris has done

Chris has been an excellent ambassador for the National Autistic Society for many years. He was one of the faces of our 2013 Push for Action campaign and has been involved in other prominent campaigns, including Autism Diagnosis Crisis.

Chris has also spoken on our behalf in Parliament and in the media, most memorably with BBC Breakfast and Channel 4 News.

By talking about his long and difficult journey to diagnosis, understanding and support, Chris has inspired others and helped push for better support and services for autistic people.