Arron Linton-Smith 

Arran lives in Nottingham, is a senior consultant at Interserve Construction and has been volunteering and campaigning since 2013.

Arran always knew he was ‘different’ but he only received his diagnosis in 2012, at the age of 56. At first, he found this hard to accept. But, as he started to process the news, a lot of the difficulties he’d faced in his life started to make sense.

Arran took the difficult decision to disclose his autism at work and was surprised by how understanding his colleagues were and pleased when they started to realise his different way of seeing things was an asset.

Arran now focuses a lot of his time campaigning with us to help employers and the Government to understand the huge potential of autistic people. He feels he has “a duty to hold open the door to the next generation of autistic people, who can help businesses and other employers to become stronger and even more competitive.”

What Arran has done

Arran has been supporting our charity since 2013: as a member of our National Forum, a campaigner and Co-chair of our Nottingham branch. He has also completed many fundraising challenges on his bike, even breaking a Guinness World Record in 2014!

Arran is particularly passionate about closing the autism employment gap and is a very active campaigner. He has appeared many times in national media (including BBC TV, BBC Radio 5 Live and the Financial Times) and spoken at various events, including at our AGM, Autism Professional Conference and the launch of our employment campaign in Parliament.