Caroline Stevens in front of National Autistic Society logo 

Caroline Stevens, our new Chief Executive, has given an exclusive interview to the Guardian. Caroline spoke to them about how she first contacted our charity in 1997, after her son’s diagnosis, and how her experiences have made her so determined to ensure the National Autistic Society does everything possible to bring about change for autistic people – for instance by ensuring the best possible new autism strategy for England, due to be released by the Government in the coming months. 

Caroline told the Guardian: “What saddened and disappointed me was that, up and down the country, there are thousands and thousands of families struggling with the lack of services and support. It shouldn’t be like this. What my family had been through gave me the fight and passion to try to change things.”

“We want to see a new all-age autism strategy that not only sets ambitious goals for improving support, but sets out an achievable – and funded – plan for reaching them. This is vital to create a society that works for autistic people.”

You can read the full article on the Guardian’s website.