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Help us shape our work!

We are working with Breathe, an independent research agency, on a project to gain understanding into how autistic people's experiences in public places have changed since 2015.

We did some initial research, speaking to autistic people and their families in 2015, and the insights were used to inform our campaign work. Now, we want to repeat this to see how attitudes and behaviours have shifted, if at all. This will help us develop our campaigns for the future.

As part of this study, independent researchers from Breathe will be conducting research in Twickenham/Richmond/Kingston and Leeds between 11 and 14 November. There will be depth interviews with autistic people taking place on 11 and 12 November in the South, and a group discussion taking place at 6pm with carers/supporters of autistic children and adults in Leeds.

We’re looking to speak to a cross-section of autistic people so that we can understand the needs of a wide range of people on the autistic spectrum.

The in-depth interviews will take 60 minutes and the researchers will conduct the interview (which is just an informal chat) in a way that suits you. This can take place online by a video chat, like Skype or Facetime, by phone or in person - though we are seeking opportunities for discussion rather than written submissions. The group discussion will last 1 hour and 45 minutes and will take place in an accessible venue.


In-depth Interviews

  • you're an autistic adult aged 18 or over
  • you need to be available to be interviewed for 60 minutes on 11 or 12 November, at a time convenient for you.

Group discussions

  • you’re the parent or carer of an autistic child or adult
  • you need to be available to participate in a group discussion with 4-5 other people in central Leeds on 14 November at 6pm.

The research process

There are two parts to the research. In the first part they will send you pre-task. This is a simple written task, which asks you to capture some of your experiences of being autistic. It will form the basis of the discussion in the interview or group. Just fill in it and have it with you for your interview or when you come to the group.


To say thank you for giving up your time to help with this, Breathe will be giving a total of £50 to compensate the interviewee and carer for their time.

How to apply

If you’d like to participate, please follow the link below.

I want to apply

The interviewers don’t want to be intrusive. They just want to make sure that they cover the full range of autistic experiences across the interviews. As a result, they may ask personal or difficult questions about your life and experiences. You can refuse to answer any question you are not comfortable with.

All contact details will be kept password protected during the project, then deleted once the project is completed.

Recruiters from the Breathe team will be in touch between 22 October and 3 November to invite people to an interview or group discussion. If you don’t hear from us it will be because we have already recruited enough people in your area.