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We are carrying out a new survey on public attitudes towards autism to try and understand more about the experiences that autistic adults and children, along with their families, have in public places.

So that we can make sure that our work to increase public understanding of autism is as effective as possible, we need to know more about how the public reacts to autistic people and their behaviour, what would help improve your experiences of public places and what it is you want the public to know about autism.

We also want to know more about how public understanding might have changed in recent years and what, if anything, you think might be helping improve this.

The results of this survey will go towards shaping our future work to improve public understanding of autism as well as giving us insight into the impact our past work has had.

In addition to this survey we are also carrying out other in depth research with autistic adults and families, as well as engaging the general public to find out more about what they think and know about autism.

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