Group photo of Anderson School students holding a cheque

Year 10 students have helped raise an impressive £3,110 for our Anderson School in Essex - through the sale of pocket squares featuring designs they created. Well done to everyone involved!

They made the designs last year, as part of an ongoing series of art workshops run by Liam West and Matt Mackman from a gallery and art consultancy called West Contemporary. The designs were turned into four pocket squares for suits by James Reynolds of Diverso, a British menswear brand, at a silk factory in Italy. They were then sold through the Anderson Foundation, which sponsors our school, at their charity events, and on Diverso’s website.

The students will decide how the profit from the sales can be used best to enhance school life and learning.

This project and the link-up with industry is part of our school’s work preparing students for adult life and helping them to be as independent as possible. A key part of this is giving students a taste of what different careers might be like, so they can learn and gain skills in a safe and known environment.

Photo of pattern design

Our school will be holding more workshops with other leading contemporary fine artists in the coming months, so students can learn about different art forms and styles. The students’ work will be displayed in study rooms, to decorate the walls and to inspire them as they work.

Gary Simm, Principal of the National Autistic Society’s Anderson School, said: "It's wonderful to see our students' brilliant designs attracting so much attention.

We have high ambitions for all our students and projects like this are aimed at helping them to realise their potential.

"There are around 120,000 school-aged children in England. Every autistic child is different and many thrive in mainstream schools, while others benefit from the kind of specialist support and understanding we can provide at our school.

"Beyond their education and wellbeing, we’re committed to helping our students prepare for the world of work through links with a range of industries. We've been so lucky to work with Liam and Matt from West Contemporary and James from Diverso. These type of link-ups are great ways for our students to explore future career choices and gain experience in a safe and known environment - and hopefully open up job opportunities in the future.”

Collage - newspaper cuttings etc

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