Photo of artwork - 4 self portrait images of a young woman Self Portrait by Ffion

Aspiring artists at our Thames Valley School in Reading have been recognised by the Royal Academy of Arts' Young Artists' Summer Show! Congratulations to Ffion, Daniel, Joel and all the other students involved.

Ffion, who is in year 11, created a piece called Self Portrait which has been selected to be a part of the online exhibition. And, she's up for the People's Choice Award. Everyone at our school and wider charity is rooting for her.

View Ffion's art and cast your vote

Ffion's work represents her struggles with mental health and how this affects her self-image. She finds expressing herself through art provides her with some relief.

Well done to Joel and Daniel too, who were both shortlisted for the summer show. We're also really proud of all the students involved in collaborative installation, which was also shortlisted. This is a huge achievement, especially given that there were 6,200 submissions.

Joel's artwork
Joel with his artwork

Burger and fries artwork by Daniel
Daniel's artwork

Model of cardboard buildings
Collaborative project by Key Stage 2 and 3 students

Our Thames Valley School opened in 2013 and provides specialist education for children and young people on the autism spectrum, focusing on supporting each individual to learn and develop their confidence and independence.

Jo Galloway, Principal of the National Autistic Society's Thames Valley School, said: "This is an amazing achievement. Well done to Ffion, Daniel, Joel and to everyone involved in the collaborative project. We're so proud of you all.

"There are still so many negative stereotypes around autism. But in our school we see the potential of our students every day. We have the highest expectations for every child in our schools. It's an honour seeing them grow and develop and incredibly exciting thinking about their futures.

"We encourage everyone to take a look at the amazing artwork being exhibited in the RA's show and to support Ffion by voting for her brilliant work."

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