members of staff celebrating at the opening of the Bromley Co-op shop


Our charity's Lorna Wing Centre has been awarded an exciting partnership and a generous donation of £1,000 from the brand new Co-op store in Bromley.

This collaboration is part of the Co-op's 'Love Your Neighbour' programme - an initiative which aims to create healthier, more eco-friendly and accessible spaces for members of the community, including autistic people. We believe it is a project with the potential to change attitudes towards autism and to transform the lives of autistic people and their families.

The Bromley Co-op store opened on 6 March 2019. Members of staff at the Lorna Wing Centre took part in the ribbon cutting process, including Joanne Parker, the centre's Business and Finance Manager. 

Joanne shared her thoughts on the new partnership, explaining: "We (the Lorna Wing Centre) were established in 1991 to provide children, young people and adults with diagnostic assessments for autism.

Families will come to us for the day so we try to offer a relaxed atmosphere and a nice garden area. We are so happy to receive the donation and to become the store’s charity partner – it means we can turn our garden into a sensory area.

The new store includes several innovative features and products, such as a take-away food section, an in-store bakery and a variety of locally sourced products.

We are incredibly excited to be a part of this project with Co-op Bromley. We hope we can use this opportunity to help create a society that works for autistic people. 

For those based in the Bromley area, you can find the new store and 1, Homsdale Road, Bromley or visit the Co-op website for further updates. 

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