Your Act - Dy Ddeddf di 

We know that many autistic people and family members from across Wales will be disappointed following the recent vote on the Autism (Wales) Bill, as the proposed law couldn’t secure support from enough Assembly Members to proceed.

Our charity believes that this law could have led to improvements in the support available and further protected and promoted the rights of autistic people.

We are extremely grateful to all those involved in our campaign which, despite not achieving its main aim of securing autism legislation in Wales, has been a huge success in raising awareness of the issues that autistic people and their families face on a daily basis. 

Alongside our incredible members and supporters across Wales, here’s what we’ve achieved:

Highlighting key issues that need urgent action

The Health Social Care and Sport Committee undertook a detailed assessment of the Bill as well as looking at the current state of autism services across Wales. Whilst they weren’t able to agree that the Autism Bill was the right way to improve services, they were in complete agreement that support across Wales isn’t as good as it should be and action is urgently needed.

Read their report

Following the vote on the Autism Bill, the committee have decided to look at ways in which they can continue to monitor current autism provision to make sure the improvements that are needed are delivered.  

Your Act campaign

Our Your Act campaign encouraged autistic people and their families to have their and help shape the future of autism services in Wales. It proved to be one of our most successful ever, with huge numbers of people contributing in a range of different ways:

  • six consultation events across Wales, speaking face to face with over 80 autistic people and family members.
  • nearly 350 responses to the consultations on the Autism Bill, helping to ensure it worked for autistic people.
  • over 600 campaigners taking action to contact their Assembly Members and urging them to vote in favour of the Autism Bill. This means over 3000 emails were sent to your representatives asking for their support.

Code of practice on the delivery of autism services

In recognising that current services and support aren’t good enough, the Welsh Government are currently asking for views on a code of practice on the delivery of autism services. This consultation runs until 1 March and is a helpful opportunity for autistic people to have their say on what services and support should be available and how you are able to access them.

Our charity will be responding to this consultation to set out the views of our members and supporters and to help ensure that this code of practice makes as big an impact as possible and leads to an improvement of autism services and support in Wales.

Take part in the consultation or attend a consultation event in your area.