headshot of Caz running the Berlin marathonCaz is a fundraising enthusiast working for our charity, who’s into running, dancing and the Welsh rugby team.
She shares her ten favourite things about running the Berlin marathon with us:

  1. Going to Germany on my own and running the race myself gave me a new sense of independence and confidence
  2. When I was feeling a lull during the race I saw a person running past with a Welsh top and then later on a person waving a Welsh flag – seems home was never too far away!
  3. Hearing all the German supporters on the sidelines shout “Carolina!” at me
  4. Staff and supporters along the route were absolutely fantastic and at no point did I really feel like I was taking this on on my own
  5. Seeing all of the sights – the stunning Berliner Dom (cathedral) on the river, the Reichstag and Brandenburg gate and running through the beautiful Tiergarten - what a great way to see the whole city.
  6. The free pint of beer at the end of the race and the Wurst (or three) I got to eat afterwards
  7. Watching Wales beating England in the rugby World Cup in a Berlin pub the night before – excellent motivation!
  8. The medal, and the pride that comes with it
  9. The course is really flat so it’s a great first marathon to run
  10. The weather in September was absolutely fantastic


Don’t forget – the ballot for the Berlin marathon is open and closes on November 7. If you’re looking for a new challenge abroad and thinking of applying, we’d love to have you on our first ever Berlin Marathon team if you choose to raise money for a charity. And, if you don’t get a place we’ll be saving some charity places so register your interest.

Get all the details and find out how to keep up to date about charity places below, or apply direct for the Berlin marathon and let us know you want to run for us by emailing events@nas.org.uk.

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