You may have seen discussions on social media about the information links on our Gender and autism webpage and we want to explain what has happened. 

- We received enquiries regarding the signposting to the charity Mermaids.
- We responded to these enquiries saying we would investigate and, in the meantime, links would be taken down.

Here’s our statement, which explains how we’ve responded:

“We are committed to providing information to empower autistic children, adults and their families to make informed choices about their lives, including about their gender. We fully support people's right to make decisions about their own gender and own lives. 

Following enquiries from members of the public to the charity, we have recently removed some links from our Gender and autism webpage. This change in our information is not the result of a change in our support for people to make their own decisions, but a reflection of our desire to make sure people get the best information on this topic. We believe that Stonewall and the NHS are better-placed to make sure that people find out about the most supportive and reputable organisations to help. 

“Issues around gender are highly contested – and not our area of expertise. By following links via Stonewall and the NHS, people can get to a range of different sources of support and information. Importantly, these sources are being assessed by organisations that are more centrally involved in these issues than we are. We are also adding advice that people always review a range of different information about such an important issue.
“We believe that directing people via other, more expert sources is the best approach. As with all our information, we will keep this position under review and will continue to listen to feedback from autistic people, their families and experts.”