For those of you who are not aware, today is National Poetry Day! 

We're celebrating with the poem 'Slow Down Time' by Hermione Cameron, autistic woman, writer and a member of our Content team here at the National Autistic Society. 

Due to the recent rebranding of our charity and the decision to make changes in the way we talk about autism, we thought it would be fitting to share a poem on the topic of change and timing.   

Change and disruption to routine can be a cause of anxiety for many people on the autistic spectrum, as explored in the poem below, along with concept of time itself, the feeling that life may be moving too quickly and the need for moments of stillness. 

Slow Down Time

I asked time to take it easy on me
For his clock face to smile on me
To slow down his frantic hands for me
I chose my perfect moments
And asked for them
To be frozen
Until I was ready for them to defrost
Memories melting in the heat waves
He would one day steal them away

I asked time to stretch out the nights for me
Postpone the daylight for me
I asked for the hours to amble
For the minutes to mince
For the seconds not to slip through my fingertips
But to stay with me
I tried to seduce time
I told him I needed him
And I’m all he needs
Begged him to stay with me
I asked him to give himself to me
But ironically
He’s taking his time to get back to me

by Hermione Cameron


'Slow Down Time' is part of Hermione's poetry collection Recipe for Being a Woman, which is available here.

Call for poetry submissions

We're looking for poets and aspiring poets on the autistic spectrum to submit their work to the Spectrum magazine (formerly know as Asperger United). 

For details on how to submit, visit the Spectrum's online poetry selection and be inspired by our talented writers!

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