Staff outside Cafe AutisanWe are delighted with the overwhelmingly positive reviews of Cafe Autisan, our recently launched autism-friendly café and enterprise, complete with its own Milkshake bar. Be sure to pay a visit if you haven't already! 

Located in the idyllic grounds of Whalley Abbey, Lancashire, Cafe Autisan offers a range of delicious cuisine, from Eggs Benedict to tea and cake. All tastes are accounted for, with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options available. Open 7 days a week from 10am-4pm, the cafe's aim is to provide a safe environment for autistic staff to grow in confidence, and provide them with the practical skills they need for the working world.

Projects like Cafe Autisan set a great example to other public services and businesses across the country, but there is still work to be done. Findings estimate that as little as 16% of autistic people are in full-time paid employment. Over three quarters of unemployed adults on the autism spectrum say that they would like to work, but have limited access to opportunities.

There is still a misconception that many autistic people prefer solitary and technical roles to more creative work. A 2016 survey dispels this idea, with respondents saying that they are interested in work across a variety of industries. You can find out more about these statistics in our Autism Employment Gap research report.

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Cafe Autisan is an incredible enterprise which not only provides work for autistic people but also challenges harmful stereotypes. We are extremely thankful for all the hard work that has been done so far, and can only hope that other businesses will follow in their footsteps!