Autism Bill for Wales papers The National Assembly for Wales’ Health, Social Care and Sport Committee has continued its inquiry into the Autism Bill by asking our charity for its views on the proposed new law. 

Jane Harris, our charity’s Director of External Affairs and Social Change, and Meleri Thomas, the National Autistic Society Cymru’s External Affairs Manager, answered questions from Assembly Members about the impact that the Autism Bill could have on autistic people and their families across Wales. 

Watch here

You can also read the written evidence that we submitted to the Committee, outlining our views on the Autism Bill.

From the evidence collected throughout their inquiry, the committee will develop a report of recommendations, setting out any changes that might need to be made to the Bill. After that report, Assembly Members will have to vote in favour of the Bill for it to continue its next steps to become law.

Through our Your Act campaign, the National Autistic Society Cymru has been working to ensure that the Bill represents the views and experiences of our members and supporters across Wales. Our recent blog explains why we think this Bill is a crucial step forward for autistic people and their families and friends throughout Wales.