Young man drinking teaWe are working with Breathe, an independent research agency, on a project to understand the key life challenges for autistic people, their families and carers, and the tools and resources that you are using to deal with this. This will mean we’ll be able to identify where our focus should be targeted, and what support and guidance we can offer which is going to most effectively meet your needs.

As part of this study, independent researchers from Breathe will be conducting interviews in each nation of the UK in the weeks of 13 and 20 August. We’re looking to speak to a cross section of autistic people and parents and carers, so that we can understand the range of needs of a wide group of people on the autistic spectrum.  The interview will take 45 minutes and the researcher will come to you.


  • You're an autistic adult aged 18 or over, or a parent/carer of an individual of any age on the autism spectrum
  • You’re free to be interviewed for 45 minutes in the week commencing 20 August 2018 (Belfast, Cardiff or Edinburgh) or the week commencing 13 August (London only)
  • You are based in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh or London

The interview

There are two parts of the interview. A simple pre-task helps you prepare by asking you to think about and record your life challenges and the tools you use to help with these. Then the second part will be when they chat this through during the interview.  


To say thank you for giving up your time to help with this, Breathe will be giving a total of £70 to compensate the interviewee and carer for their time.

How to apply

If you’d like to participate please send us your name, address and postcode and a contact phone number to Please give a brief description of the connection you have to autism e.g. autism diagnosis or young person with no speech. The interviewers don’t want to be intrusive, they just want to make sure that they cover the full range of autistic experience across the interviews we are conducting.  

All contact details will be kept password protected during the project, then deleted upon project completion.

Recruiters from the Breathe team will be in touch between 6 - 18 August. If you don’t hear from us it will be because we have already recruited enough people in your area.

I want to apply