The Government has today announced new measures which it says “will improve accessibility across all types of travel for those with both visible and less visible disabilities.” 

This is part of the Department for Transport’s (DfT) Inclusive Transport Strategy. These measures will include a £2 million passenger awareness campaign and an accreditation scheme for transport operators.

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Autistic Content Creator, Sez Francis, shares her views on the Department for Transports announcement today:

“For so many people, traveling independently can be a positive but in some situations; it can be scary, especially when a person can feel unsafe. 
“I go through a lot of stress on public transport; I have been traveling independently on the bus for three months and I’m starting to feel comfortable traveling by myself. I have never had travel training on a train but when I go on one with my family and carer, I would still feel unsafe and I’m not sure how I would feel if I am alone. I imagine that everywhere I go, I would think about what would happen when someone does or says something to me. I knew a lot of people on the spectrum who have been victims of hate crime and they’ve said to me that they felt frightened. More understanding of the difficulties autistic people like me can face, would make a huge difference and I hope the public awareness campaign can help with this.
“Being judged or hurt is the last thing on people’s minds. Nobody likes to see scowls, hear verbal abuse, have people staring at them or being physically injured. So, seeing a campaign would be a massive achievement to ensure the safety for all.”

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At the National Autistic Society, we won’t accept a world where autistic people are shut away. Increasing understanding of autism among transport staff and the wider public has to be at the heart of what needs to change. Today’s announcement has the potential to help create a public transport system that works for autistic people.