An inspirational group of school children and some of their parents from Elstree School in Berkshire climbed up Snowdon on 15 July, raising £2,722 for the National Autistic Society. The idea was brought to life by Alfie and George, whose cousin is autistic. We caught up with the team below who explain why they chose to raise money for us and what challenge is next on the list…

Who took part in the challenge? 

Alfie J (10), George J (8), Tom H (10), Fergus H (8), Jake S (10), Kit S (8), Lachy G (10), Fin K (12), Hamish K(9), and a smattering of their parents!

Why did the team decide to support the National Autistic Society? 

The challenge was thought up by Alfie and George as they wanted to do something that people might sponsor them for, in order to raise money for the National Autistic Society, as their cousin Louis is autistic. They decided to climb Snowdon, but thought it would be fun to do it as part of a team and add in some camping and kayaking, so they invited some of their friends from school to come along. Tom and Fergus jumped at the chance and asked their cousins Fin and Hamish to come with them as they have a brother who is also autistic. Then Jake, Kit and Lachy didn’t want to miss out and were great additions to the team. So many more wanted to come along and the boys have had lots of support from all their friends.

How can the public support the teams fundraising efforts?

You can support the teams through JustGiving by visiting this link

How long did the trek take?

The boys were determined to do the climb in a really fast time which they achieved, with the parents consistently trying to keep up and they gave the 2 guides a run for their money!  They had never been with kids that have gone as fast.  It took 2.5 hours to climb up, but then took 3.5 hours to get back down again, so a pretty long day for little legs!  The climb up was so much harder than we thought, but we really weren’t expecting how tough it was going to be to get back down again!  All the parents were bowled over by how determined the boys were and their wasn’t a whinge from any of them the whole day – they slept very well that night! 

What challenge is next on the list? 

Watch this space, maybe Everest! Something is definitely on the horizon!

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