Congratulations to everyone at our Radlett Lodge School for achieving a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating, with ‘Outstanding’ features, for its residential provision. The school is rated as ‘Outstanding’ for its education provision.

The National Autistic Society has been providing specialist education to children and young people on the autism spectrum for over 50 years. We currently run eight schools, with the most recent, our Anderson School, opening last September.

Our Radlett Lodge School is based in Hertfordshire and opened in 1974. The school caters for up to 55 pupils in its day school and also runs a modern, purpose-built home called the Lodge in the school grounds where children stay on a weekly, termly or flexi-boarding basis.

Ofsted inspected the Lodge between 12 and 14 June 2018. They gave an overall rating of ‘Good’, stating that the effectiveness of leaders and managers is ‘Good’ and how well children and young people are helped and protected is ‘Outstanding’.

Each child in the Lodge has their own bedroom and share a dining room and three lounges where they can socialise and relax with other children. Staff at the lodge focus on providing a caring environment, where each child can develop their life skills and become more independent. 

The inspectors highlight the high standard of care offered to pupils, noting that, “the children flourish; for some this is life changing”. One parent the inspectors spoke to is quoted saying, “My child is learning to use words and is starting to speak in sentences. This is something that I did not think could happen.”

The report also praises the expertise of the staff, stating that they “understand and are responsive to the unique needs of each child” and the “excellent” attendance rate of pupils. 

Staff at the school are particularly pleased the inspectors recognised their hard work encouraging pupils to be themselves. The report says: “The established culture of encouraging the children to be themselves and to express themselves demonstrates that meaningful communication with the children is a dynamic process and firmly embedded into everyday practice.”

Jeremy Keeble, Principal of the National Autistic Society’s Radlett Lodge School, said: “Everyone at Radlett Lodge School has high ambitions for our pupils. I’m delighted that the progress of the children and young people living in the Lodge, and the hard work of the team, have been recognised by Ofsted.

“We’re constantly trying to improve and make sure we give our pupils the best possible start in life. A huge part of this is preparing them for the world and developing their life skills, so they can be as independent as possible. It’s really good to see this part of our work highlighted by the inspectors – and the parents they spoke to.

“Being autistic can be hard at times but we’ve seen again and again how understanding and the right support can make all the difference.”

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Read the reports on Ofsted’s website: