In 2015, we launched our Autism diagnosis crisis campaign with research suggesting that the average waiting times for autism diagnosis were far too long. On average, the research showed, children had to wait over three and a half years for a diagnosis, and adults two years after asking for help. We also heard from many people who had to wait longer.

Together with thousands of supporters, like you, we called on the Government to tackle this crisis. We said that they need to measure diagnosis waiting times and hold local areas to account.
The Government listened to our callsFrom this month, local areas need to collect vital data about autism diagnosis that means that we will know how long people are having to wait. This data will take a while to build up and be published. The Government has said that it hopes the first publication of this data will happen around April 2019.

So, we have a while to wait, but this crucial step could only happen because of your support. With this data, we can continue to push the Government and local areas to tackle the Autism diagnosis crisis.

In the meantime, we will carry on campaigning because, while waiting time data is important, to tackle the crisis we need to make sure it is used to hold local areas accountable. To keep updated about our campaigns including Autism diagnosis crisissign up to our emails.