Simon Logan tells us why he's taking part in the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge

Autism is another one of those unknown conditions which is greatly misunderstood and out of the public eye. It affects everyone involved, from the autistic person themself, to the parents, family members, friends, teachers, classmates, the general public...the list just goes on.
I also wasn't aware of autism until a teacher at school suggested that my son may be autistic. After a two year battle with the local health authority we are nearly at the stage where we will have a proper diagnosis for my 10 year-old.

To others who are not aware of autism, it just seems like we have a spoilt, naughty, angry, unfriendly, disruptive, unsociable child. Other kids don't understand why my son doesn't want to play with them or join in with any activities.

Yes, it can be like living with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde a small portion of the time, but we have the most loving, loyal, affectionate and highly intellectual child I could ever wish for.

That's why I'm taking part. I'm proud of my son and hopefully by attending this event I can help raise the profile of autism.  

I'm also lucky to have a brother, Sean Logan, who is there when I need him for support and a work mate and friend, Anthony Elsbury (photographed below, right), who listens to me nagging about recent incidents with my son. 

When I asked them to join me on this epic walk round the Yorkshire 3 peak, their answer was, 'where do i sign up?'.

So the training has started and the social media campaign is in full swing.

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