To celebrate World Autism Awareness Week, we asked our autistic vloggers and bloggers to film or write about their reactions to on our brand new film, Diverted.

First up... Connor Ward

….that is my day-to-day situation, and this is the film I’ve related to more.

James Sinclair

 It’s my hope that the themes and lessons which appear within the film, will also make their way to every corner of society.

Read James' reaction on his blog

‘Sez’ (Sarah)

I feel that this video has a really big connection to me…

Dan M. Jones

There’s so much over stimulation from sensory input that it’s difficult to really get a sense of security or sense of relaxation and calm when you’re on public transport or having to travel.


 I personally feel that it’s a great thing that they’re showing autistic girls more, as part of their campaigns.


 It’s when people make comments, like they tut, they stare, they roll their eyes, and they just generally make negative comments. That can really affect an autistic person.

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