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The National Autistic Society has partnered with Rough Guides and Motability Operations Ltd to better understand the autistic experience of days out in the UK. We want to identify how the Rough Guide to Accessible Britain can be enhanced to offer the freedom and inspiration to people on the autism spectrum and their families, like it has for physical conditions in the past. We also want to find out how those on the autism spectrum and their families, find their car can enhance this experience.

Many autistic people and their families find it difficult to access mainstream attractions and experiences. This may be due to a lack of autism understanding, sensory challenges, and anxiety about visiting new places. The more information available about the adaptations and support available, the better able autistic people will be to make informed choices and explore more of their community. 

Motability Operations Ltd is keen to increase the information and advice within the guide for autistic people and their families. The aim is to understand what makes a positive day out, and how people access different opportunities. This will enable greater inclusion of reliable recommendations and accurate autism friendly information into the Rough Guide to Accessible Britain. In turn, this will support more autistic people and their families to use the guide in order to open up their opportunities to experience enjoyable days out.

In recognition of this, Motability Operations Ltd is working with the National Autistic Society to undertake research into the needs of these customers through focus groups and an online survey: 

It takes only a short amount of time to complete, and we would value your feedback on both days out and the Motability Scheme. 

Complete the survey here!