Kenny holding up his PLAYMOBIL figure

We can’t wait to share our new film with you all. We hope you love it as much as we do and as many people as possible get involved in World Autism Awareness Week 2018 (26 March-2 April). The film is a brilliant mix of stop motion animation and real life action and we are delighted to have the fantastic support of beloved toy maker PLAYMOBIL. 

Kenny Mpanga, who is 18 and autistic, is one of our stars and he appears in the film together with his PLAYMOBIL character, ‘Mini Kenny’. They're encouraging even more of you to get involved in 2018 to raise essential funds so our charity can continue to help autistic people and their families across the UK.  

Kenny is full of hope for his future. He loves paintballing, is studying maths at school and hopes to study economics at university. He also has a passion for numbers and formulas, and if he’s given any date in history he can say which day of the week it fell on. He was given a chance to showcase this amazing skill in a Horizon documentary about autism on BBC2 and in a recent popular advert for a big energy company.

His Radio One documentary about the lives of young autistic people, Stories from the Spectrum, which he made with his poet brother George, won The National Autistic Society’s prestigious Autism Uncut award for best factual programme in 2017. Kenny is an ambitious and talented young man – as he says, “courage and persistence helps me strive for more.”

What will you be doing for World Autism Awareness Week? Whether it's a Night Walk, wearing a onesie, baking or fundraising in your own way at school or work, there are plenty of ways you can help raise money for autism

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