In July, we went to Parliament to celebrate the Houses of Parliament achieving our Autism Friendly Award.

Our Director of External Affairs and Social Change, Jane Harris, presented the award to our Vice President, John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons, and Maxine Albert from the House of Commons Diversity and Inclusion Team. Cheryl Gillan, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism and Carrie Grant, from BBC One’s The One Show, and her daughter Talia also came to celebrate the award.

The Houses of Parliament receive many thousands of visitors every year and the Autism Friendly Award recognises the ways in which the Diversity and Inclusion Team have improved the experience for autistic people and their families.

George, is another amazing supporter of ours. George is a passionate walker and he completed seven marathons in seven days – a total of 185 miles across the South-East, finishing his journey in his hometown of Crowborough. He completed this incredible feat – raising £4,500 for the charity – because he wants to help us ensure that autistic people, and their family and friends getting the advice and support they need.

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