Good Luck #TeamAutism for the Great North Run!
Good luck to all of our brave, amazing #TeamAutism participants in this year’s Great North Run. We hope the run and day turns out to be the amazing experience and your tireless efforts during training and fundraising pay off.

The money you raise makes a huge difference in supporting our wonderful schools and services we offer to families and individuals across the UK and we simply cannot thank you enough for choosing to run on behalf of our charity.

Many people running for us this year have wonderful, heart-warming stories behind their decision to take part for The National Autistic Society.

Alice Carr got in touch recently to share her story

I am running for The National Autistic Society on behalf of my brother, Luke, who is 23.

“Luke has a form of autism called Asperger’s syndrome. Like everyone, Luke has bad and good days. However, this is magnified and whatever mood he is feeling you will also feel it too. Everything is a challenge, down to what food he can eat, what clothes he can wear and even how loud you can talk or laugh around him. Luke struggles with social situations and eye contact. This is something that is definitely improving with time and age, and we all have to take one day at a time.

“Autism is something that does not just affect that individual. It affects everyone close to them too. I worry about my brother all off the time. He is a vulnerable adult and it scares me to think someone could take advantage of this or hurt him. But this is why I am running for this amazing charity as it brings awareness to people such as my brother.

“I am extremely proud of him and I am so excited to be taking part of the Great North Run and raising money for support and help for people with autism.”

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