Thanks to a generous £81,690 donation from the Morrisons Foundation, we’re kick-starting a project to deliver sessions for families of newly diagnosed children across the UK.

The sessions will provide information, advice and support. The focus will be on helping parents make sense of their child’s diagnosis and feel better able to support them. They will also provide a crucial opportunity for parents to meet others in the same situation and share their experiences. 

Bethanie Peach, Senior Corporate Partnerships Officer at The National Autistic Society
, said, “For parents of a child on the autism spectrum, receiving a diagnosis can be extremely overwhelming."

Lots of parents are given a diagnosis without any guidance as to what to do next, despite how little understanding they may have of the condition.

"This funding from the Morrisons Foundation will make a big difference to the vital support we can offer to families across the UK.”

In recent years, our charity has provided a small number of family support sessions on an ad-hoc basis. However, there is increasing demand from families across the country needing support. This new funding means we can deliver a number of our seminars on topics such as ‘Understanding autism’, ‘Sensory needs’ and ‘Managing anger’. We’ll also be developing brand new seminars on ‘Siblings’ needs’ and ‘Rights and entitlements’.

By the end of this project, we intend for these sessions to be available nationwide to families with newly diagnosed children in need of support and guidance.

David Scott, Trustee of the Morrisons Foundation, said, “We are delighted to be supporting The National Autistic Society and their work to help families of children who have recently been diagnosed with autism.”

The National Autistic Society also offers support to parents and people on the autism spectrum through help and advice services.