Campigners hold a sign tht reads 'Good luck'. 

#TeamAutism’s most wonderful and courageous are getting ready to run the Vitality London 10,000 on May 29. 

The course begins in the beautiful St James Park, and passes clockwise around the City of Westminster and the City of London, where runners can admire famous landmarks along the way. To finish, the route takes you back to the Mall, with Buckingham Palace in the background for an unforgettable ending. 

#TeamAutism athletes will be in good company on the day, running alongside thousands of others who will be hoping to do their bit for charity. 

Our #TeamAutism athletes are:

 Dawn Allott
 Rachel Goh
Louie Rogers
 James Ambler
 Barbara Gonzalez
 Jon Saunders
 Chris Baete
 Victoria Graystone
 Victoria Shaw
 Cecelia Bartholomew
 Imogen Gunson
 Ryan Sullivan
 Patricia Browning
 Emily Halpenny
 Laura Thorn
 Graeme Bulcraig
 Andrew Hart
 Ryan Turner
 Neil Bussey
 Dean Honeywill
 Phoebe Wallis
 Felishia Carroll
 Joanne Kerrigan
 Allen Warburton
 Sally Clarke
 Jade Knight
 Carly Wheeliker
 Joanne Clough
 Tom Knight
 Anna White
 Vinoma Collom-Hawcroft
 Jack Lewis
 Thomas Williamson
 Nicole Davis
 Sue Murrell
 Rens Windt
 Danny Dixon
 Caroline Murrell
 Helen Zeitz 
 Ray Eves
 Denise O'Brien
 Rachel Fox
 Victoria O'Farrell
 Pauline Gasparri
 Jethro Offemaria
 Sylvia Gentleman
 Monica Ortega
 Rebekah Glean-Andrew
 Rachel Perrin
 Caroline Glover
 Emma Pryor
 Kevin Glover
 Dan Putt

Hannah Lumley, Events Officer at The National Autistic Society, said:

Best of luck to all 53 of our runners who will be taking on the 10 kilometres in aid of The National Autistic Society. Your dedication is incredible and we'll be there cheering you all on to the finish line.

Over £7,500 has currently been fundraised by the team which will go towards helping autistic people and their families. We are so proud of our runners who are fundraising and running until everyone understands!  

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