Hustings with candidates

Candidates from the Scottish Labour Party, Scottish National Party, Scottish Liberal Democrats and Scottish Conservative Party attended a hustings held at our Glasgow office to find out about the challenges facing autistic people, and what they can do to make the city more ‘autism-friendly’.

At the event, which was attended by 15 autistic people and their families, Michael Shanks, Robert Brown, Carol Monaghan and Chris Land all pledged to support their autistic constituents by raising autism in parliament.

Jenny Paterson, director of The National Autistic Society Scotland, said: “It’s important that the experiences of autistic people are heard and understood by Members of Parliament, so I’m really pleased that the candidates joined us to hear from the people we support.

“We had a lively debate and, following the hustings, all four candidates pledged to raise autism in parliament.” 

Topics that were discussed on the day included education, employment and access to services.

Our research revealed that 66 per cent of autistic people feel socially isolated, with 44 per cent saying they sometimes don’t leave the house because they are worried about how the public will react to their autistic behaviour.

Through our Too Much Information campaign, we are campaigning for increased understanding of the condition, which affects around 58,000 people in Scotland.