Please complete this important survey about your experiences of applying for and getting Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

When the Government brought in PIP to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for adults, it said it would carry out independent reviews to check how it is being implemented. The first review happened in 2014 and made recommendations for improving the experiences of people applying for PIP.

It is now time for the next review of PIP. It is focusing on three main areas:
  • how IT is used and how information is shared during the application process. For example, how information from face-to-face assessments is shared
  • how effectively further evidence is being used to make sure that the correct decision about getting PIP is being made. For example, making sure that a letter from a doctor is used
  • finding out more about people’s experiences of applying for PIP, to build on the findings from the first review.

It is really important that the experiences of autistic people and their carers are part of this review. This will help us try to make sure that autistic people can get PIP when they need it, and are not missing out on support.

Please complete the survey from the independent review to tell them about your experiences.