Today, the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS, which represents the people who run adult social care in councils) launched the results of a survey asking how confident Directors are about the future of care and support in their area, including funding and staffing. 

The survey reveals some worrying findings. Although the amount being spent on care and support has risen slightly, the new 'precept' that councils are allowed to raise does not meet the costs of the new National Living Wage. This means that directors have to find further savings, but they are less confident that they can find these savings. Last year, 45% of directors were fully confident planned saving would be met, while this year only 31% were fully confident. Only 6% were confident that planned savings would be met next year.

With less money in care and support, directors think there is also more pressure on the NHS. Eighty per cent of directors also worry that care and support providers in their area are facing financial difficulty. Meanwhile, they are finding it harder to focus on funding preventative services, which can benefit many autistic people with fewer support needs.

We find these figures concerning. We campaign with over 80 other organisations as part of the Care and Support Alliance for more money for social care. We also support local campaigns to shape care and support services across the country, to try to make sure autistic people do not see their care and support reduced.