Our Too Much Information campaign launch film, which depicts the experience of sensory overload, will be screened at Cineworld Glasgow after advertising company Digital Cinema Media (DCM) donated more than £4,000 worth of screen time and production costs to our charity.

The film, Can you make it to the end?, shows an autistic child becoming overwhelmed by lights, noise, smells and crowds on a trip to a shopping centre. It was created to help the public learn about autism, after just 15 per cent of autistic people in Scotland said they believe the condition is understood in a meaningful way. 

Can you make it to the end? has already been viewed almost 60 million times worldwide. Thanks to the donation from DCM, it will be shown before trailers at Cineworld Glasgow - the world’s tallest cinema - for two weeks from Thursday, 8 July. 

Jenny Paterson, director of The National Autistic Society Scotland, said: “We created this film to help the public understand what autistic people have to deal with in seemingly ordinary situations. Noises, lights, smells and bustle in a shopping centre can be overwhelming and even frightening. 

“We are very grateful to DCM for its donation, allowing us to share our film with cinema-goers in Glasgow.” 

Esther Canham, agency executive at DCM, said: “Can you make it to the end? is a great piece of creative for a good cause and as a proud charity supporter DCM is very pleased to bring the work to the big screen. The cinema is the most immersive environment in media today and showing the ad in Glasgow will allow for more people to see the film in the best possible way.”

The screenings in Glasgow will coincide with a special holographic advert being placed in a bus shelter on Renfield Street, near the Cineworld. The image on the poster will change as pedestrians get closer to it – showing the impact of sensory overload on an autistic child.