If you live in Scotland, you could now be eligible for a disabled parking permit (blue badge) under a pilot extension of the scheme even if you have been refused in the past.

On 1 April, the Scottish Government extended the Blue Badge Scheme on a pilot basis to: "People, who as a result of a diagnosed mental disorder or cognitive impairment, have no awareness of danger from traffic and are likely to compromise their safety, or the safety of others."  This could widen the blue badge eligibility criteria to some autistic people.

The pilot will operate across Scotland until April 2017 and if an application is successful, badges will be issued for a full 12 months, irrespective of when the application is made.

Those wishing to apply will need to contact their local authority directly for an application form. Go to option two on the blue badge website to apply. This application form includes full details of the criteria which must be met to be eligible under the pilot proposal.

Please note that this pilot is being run separately from the rest of the Blue Badge Scheme, by way of a separate application form only. The online form (option one on the webpage above) cannot be used to apply for a blue badge under this pilot.

Further information on the Blue Badge Scheme and the pilot can be found on the Transport Scotland website.

If you have applied for a blue badge through Blue Badge Extension Pilot Scheme, please tell us about your experience by emailing Campaign.Scotland@nas.org.uk. This will enable us to give Scottish Government feedback to improve the process.