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Sarah Lambert, Head of Policy and Public Affairs

Sarah LambertI have been working at The National Autistic Society for eight years. I had no connection to autism when I started, but I quickly formed one due to the passion I have for the charity's mission to create a world where everyone understands autism. I have been so inspired by the autistic young people, adults and their families that I have met here.

I've been a part of so many incredible successes since I have been here: helping to secure the Autism Act of 2009 to most recently getting the Government to commit to ensuring all new teachers in England get training in autism.

However, all of these bigger successes are only achieved through small breakthroughs that can happen every day.

When working on the development of a new benefit for disabled adults, the civil servants writing the criteria for the benefit just didn't seem to understand why we wanted the changes we wanted on communication, planning and following a journey. We set up a meeting between them and autistic adults, and as those adults were describing their experiences, the penny began to drop.

We found it much easier to work with the civil servants after that, and although there are still a lot of problems with how the application for this benefit works, the criteria is much more relevant to autistic adults than it ever would have been.

There's always so much more to do to improve Government policy and legislation. We need to make sure autistic children, adults and their families can get the right help from services. But it's so rewarding to be part of an incredibly dedicated team, who are working hard every single day to transform public services and society for the benefit of the autistic community. 

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