Our apprenticeships are a fantastic chance for young people and adult learners to kick off a life-changing career. 

You’ll gain a year’s worth of practical experience, qualifications and skills, all the while earning a wage.

We’ll support you throughout the 12 months, and work with colleges and training providers to make sure you gain recognised qualifications. And once you’ve completed the programme, you’ll have the chance to join us permanently – and make sure more autistic people get the understanding they need.

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Sam Cooper, apprentice

"I did a level 2 qualification in Health and Social Care at school. My mum is in care work and I always knew I wanted to do it, too.

I didn’t know anything about autism before I started. But when I went to an open day and when they spoke to us about the role, I was sold.

"One guy that I’ve really enjoyed helping is Mark, who came back to us from one of our other services. He was really anxious and would lash out a lot. He never smiled, and was so down on himself.

"It turned out the place he came from didn’t have the same amount of space as our home does, and he really missed the outdoors. So we encouraged him to get out on his bike.

"He’s a changed person now. He’s so much happier and his challenging behaviour has almost disappeared. He cycles every day and we hear him laughing as he’s pedalling round!

"In any job you have bad days, but it’s the little things that make them instantly better. Like encouraging someone to make a cup of tea or getting themselves dressed for the first time; those are the incredible steps. And it fills with you with a massive sense of achievement."

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