What protections are you giving key role/ frontline staff in regards to coronavirus (Covid-19)?

The staff have training about keeping safe and healthy and ensuring the people they support stay healthy, in line with latest guidance. This includes self-isolating if they’re showing symptoms and stopping all non-essential visits. We are practising social distancing (where possible), reviewing our practices and ways of working to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect both those we support and staff. We have PPE available in all services should it be required along with updated Business Plans and Risk Assessments to ensure safety for all.

Is this because your staff are sick?

No, we have vacancies which we are looking to fill which were available previously. We know supporting autistic people in our services is a vital, important and rewarding job. However, all social care providers have challenges recruiting, and so often have to rely on agency staff. This costs our charity more money and means that the people in our services aren’t always supported by the same staff. It’s much better for us to recruit excellent permanent staff. 

Why is pay lower than I can get in a supermarket?

We try and offer competitive pay for the role however this role is about ‘making a difference’ to people’s lives. We offer extensive training in autism practices and support a comprehensive learning and development programme for all staff to give vital skills which they can develop as a career.

What locations are the roles?

We have roles available nationwide, however we are urgently recruiting for support workers in these areas: South Wales, South West, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Surrey, Croydon, Gravesend. Please visit our recruitment website and search for roles near you.

How much is the pay?

The pay for each role is different and based on the area, level of staff experience, and the service. Please look at the specific job description for the role you are interested in on our recruitment site for details about pay.

Why is the pay different depending on the area?

Some areas will attract a market supplement or location allowance to ensure we are competitive with rates offered in those areas

What training will I get?

We offer an induction programme and continuing learning and development opportunities. This includes, a full one year induction pathway and training programme, regular one to ones, annual appraisals, and the support you need to develop a career in social care.

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